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Runcobo is a general purpose framework built on Crystal.


runcobo [<commands>...] [<arguments>...]

    routes                      - Print all routes of the app.
    version                     - Print the current version of the runcobo.
    help                        - Print usage synopsis.

    -h, --help                       Print usage synopsis.
    -v, --version                    Print the current version of the runcobo.

Project Architecture

lib/                # Library
src/         # Entry file
    actions/        # Actions Directory
    assets/         # Assets Directory
    views/          # Views Directory
        layouts/    # Layouts directory
    models/         # Models Directory
shards.yml          # The packages congfiuration file
shards.lock         # The lock file for packages congfiuration file

Keep in this architecture to use layouts macro, render macro.

Design Architecture

MVC (Model-View-Controller)

Design Principles

  • Simple Design must be simple, both in implementation and interface.
  • Intuitive Design must be intuitive.
  • Consistent Design must be consistent.